News Part 2

I finished uploading PNS to the new blogging plattform. It's available for you starting now! 

The new url for pixels 'n sounds will be from now on: 


I have already posted an introductive message about the new design, which you can read in there. 

Every new post will be available JUST on pixelsnsounds.tumblr.com and you wont be able to find it on this plattform. 

Well, don't forget to subscribe to the new PNS !

Enjoy it.   



Today I've worked on a new interface for pixels 'n sounds. I've redesigned the blog and hopefully tomorrow I will successfully change the host. PNS won't be hosted anymore by Blogger because of several reasons: 

  • the design possibilities are limited
  • the interface is old and didn't receive a major update in years
  • since Google decided to drop the Google Reader service, I've started to doubt their support and interest for other services like Blogger
  • other services offer a better iOS integration. 
Tomorrow I will let you know where you will be able to find the "new" pixels 'n sounds


Snow Porn Whistler Deep Days Part 1

mmmmm snow... 
If you're into snowboarding, you gotta love this video! Fresh powder, sick riders and a lot of fun.


The Dolly Rocker Movement - Enjoy A Paranoia

Amazing song from the Sydney based psychedelic rock band. 
I've heard this song in a skate video and had to listen to it again :) ... 


Arran Gregory X Brutus

A video about a guy, who is drawing on a shirt. It's very well done. Oh, and btw., he has a very nice workspace ;). 


Theme Park - Two Hours

Theme Park. I have recently discovered them on, uhm... I don't remember where. The thing is, I enjoy their music. At first I've heard some covers played by them, like Bloodbuzz Ohio or Ready For The Floor. You can find those on the Two Hours EP. Then I've listened to their relatively new album called Theme Park. It's pretty good. Really enjoyable. It's like a sunny summer day :) ... They are on an European tour now, so if you have the chance ...  


Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran - Hypnotized

This is not really my kind of music. I think tho, the song is nice, kinda catchy. It has a nice vibe. I've heard it the first time on the album Eurovibes by Euronews


The Tiny Transforming Apartment

Minimalistic design. Great functionality. 


L.S.O. special edition "Beards"

I like beards.

For lots of inspiration visit thebearded.tumblr.com (thanks baby).


Hartmut Esslinger - Advice For Designers

Great words from the German-American designer and inventor. He is the founder of frog, his design company and known for his different collaborations with brands like Sony, Siemens, Microsoft, NEC, Olympus, HP, Lufthansa. His probably most important work though is his engagement with Apple Computer in the 1980s, helping to create a design strategy which transformed Apple from a "Silicon Valley Start-Up" into a global brand.